Saturday, July 31, 2010

MPF Ramadhan Talk: What if this is my last Ramadhan?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Salam Alaykk~

Do you have free time on this coming Tuesday; 3rd August 2010?

Let's go to MPF Ramadhan Talk.
* i hope it's not too late~

Guest speaker:  


Shaykh Suhaib Webb is a contemporary American
Muslim activist and speaker.
He accepted Islam at
the age of twenty, three years after he received a
copy of the Al-Quran.
After converting to Islam, he
left his career as a DJ and studied at the
University of Central Oklahoma, where he
graduated with a Bachelors degree in Education.
He also studied privately under a Senegalese
Shaykh, learning enough Islam and Arabic to
become a community leader in Oklahoma City,
where he was hired as Imam at the Islamic Society
of Oklahoma City.
In 2004, he departed with his
Malaysian wife and two children to Cairo, where
he currently studies at Al-Azhar University in the
College of Shari`ah.
Additionally, he works with the
Grand Mufti of Egypt, Sheikh Ali Goma’a, where
he is in charge of the English translation
Department at Dar al-Ifta al-Masriyah and is
currently training as a Mufti.

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Yani said...

Wah,great! Bestnyer.. Hajar tak pegi yang MPF Youth Camp tu? Tengok flyers cam best je..tapi tak dpat bro pegi..

♥S.Hajarul Hamraa♥ said...


hajar tak g..since fri (30/7 - 1/8) kan?ada hal terkilan gak..tapi,dah takde rezeki..another prog..inshaAllah~

rfyam said...

hamraa, nanti bila balik msia kan. roger2 ilham ya klu ada program ape2 ya. insyaAllah nk sgt pergi. :)

♥S.Hajarul Hamraa♥ said...

orite..inshaAllah~ ilham pun same eh..if tau ade pape progrm,roger2x eh..hope we will meet each other,sooner or later,inshaAllah~! :)