Friday, January 8, 2010

Lone Ranger with Her Books~

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Salam Alaykk~

Alhamdulillah..syukran Ya Allah..still can see the world today! my target is bookshop~~..

Lepas lunch hour tadi, naik bas dan LRT sampai masjid jamek..arrived at KL,around 3pm..actually saja nak window shopping je,melayan perasaan sorang-sorang..hi3..lastly nak juga beli buku!.owh,yeah~..^^..because i love books..a lots..muachss~...
I just love it, I like reading so much that I rather not to eat to save the money to buy books that I like (hello! I’m not a nerd! books that I mean here of coz not a school or studying books okay!)...You will do the same when you start fall in love with books. Rasa macam bercinta kalau tak baca buku sehari..(ehehe,camni ke rasa bercinta?no comment~)..then,just imagined this, on the weekend night, you alone in your room, knowing that nobody will disturb you, you on your comfort bed, holding your favorite books from your favorite author, enjoy your moment read the book, let yourselves being a drift by the story of the books, enjoy read it until dawn, read it until you felt asleep..owh, what a most enjoyable, precious moment that I love!only that...^^

As we all alerted, we Malaysian is famous with the laziness in reading..we preferred to enjoy, hangout with friends@lepak etc3..only know how to waste our very precious what I really want to emphasis here is, when there is time you feel like you want to read something, just read! As we hardly spend time to read, so once we doing it, we should take full advantage of it. You will get the knowledge that will help you open your eyes and widen your mind, knowledge that will help to mature yourself. So simple, but very valuable! So simple but very hard for each of us to apply it! Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we were left behind from other countries. Lack of knowledge. Do you know how Adolf Hitler managed to made up his mind until he managed to conquer half of the world? and do you know who is Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh which freed Costantinople when he just only 19 year olds during that time?..All,just by reading.

Okay..okay stop talking about reading..

*continue back..then terus je kaki melangkah laju masuk ke Pustaka Mukmin..wah~..banyaknye buku baru..novel2 islamic baru pun banyak..kalaulah duit banyak tadi,hehe~...borong lah jawabnye..pernah saya dan kak etiey(my 2nd sis yg turut punye hobi yg sama..mengumpul buku dan membaca)menghabiskan around RM600 only 1day kat MPH...macam2 buku we all beli..tapi sampai sekarang ade je lagi yang belum sempat dikhatamkan..takpe2,insyaAllah saya punya banyak masa untuk itu..then nak tambahkan lagi collection of Chicken Soup for The Soul..the new one is My Resolution..really impressed myself when i read about others life and their efforts to achieved their target...personally,for me, DONT LET THE PAST HOLDS YOU will make u fail to face about the future..because I believe that everything in life is a lesson. There is an opportunity to learn from everything. And when you're faced with a hard situation, think about what you can learn from it and how you can benefit from it. Nothing should be totally bad, that's not the way is supposed to be. No one's life is perfect and no one turns out exactly the way they wanted or expected, but life shouldn't be a burden or something that you dread...ahha~..that's why i love to read and know others people experiences because there is certain things that i can learn from them..~~..

Okays,stop about Chicken Soup..^^..
(ergh, out of topic again, sorry!).

I was stayed at the bookstore for around 3hrs..just only there..tak pergi mane2 pun..if tak fikir hari yang dah makin senja dan nak hujan,rase nak stay lama jer lagi..(^^) the first time, a lots of book i collects,kononnya nak beli semua..
jumpe juga solusi for the previous edition yang tak sempat beli dulu..but then,check duit yang ada kat dalam purse..owh~..tak cukup...then, terpaksa rejected some..hope next time i can buy it....then, balik umah..plan nak makan kfc isi perut yang dah berirama..tapi disebabkan jalan raya yg penuh sesak,malas nak melintas..just forget it..then,singgah di kiosk dekat lrt,beli chocolate dutchlady milk and bun..sampai rumah,beli rojak buah..nyum2x..beli banyak sebab my ibu also really luv it ..

By the way, today i learned something about life.."It doesn't matter how many times you fall,but rather how you fight back and win is what matters,."..tak dapat beli buku ni pasal tak cukup duit..~~..tak cukup budget...tapi sempatlah baca some and can conclude it..You're going to have to choose between a lot of things in your life. Sometimes it will be an easy choice, sometimes it will be hard. But remember that you're not alone and everyone goes through what you're going through. You'll laugh and you'll cry; you'll get your heart broken at least once, and you'll probably break someone else's heart at least once.

So have a nice day today onwards,hajar~~..

p/s:i should write all in english...but i still do love to write in sory if become a rojak..hew~..

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