Friday, January 1, 2010

Good Bye Two Thousand Nine~..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Salam Alaykk~

Hope this is not too late. While I have been busy with life recently, I tried to find time to take notes for myself on what I should call as 'recalling my past from the future' when one day I shall review my life back..

Goodbye 2009...
The year that full of memories..For the whole year, many things happened, good, bad, happy, sad all have stirred in one single emotion. As I could say, 2009 might be one of the most challenging years in my life that I should take note of. Meeting new people and losing some. Those are just spices in life...uhuks..(-_-) the way ,i just wanna to think positive;
dont let the past holds you back. You just missing a good stuff. If I always think about the past, i know i'll fail to face about the future. So open the new book. I open my arms in 2010 hoping for better tomorrows. If i think back, sometimes there're really that many reasons to be regret. There have a time i wish i have never born(it's rude?),if it just cause pain to others. I probably shouldn't be saying this but who cares,rite?..uhh~..There just comes times i look back thinking that things may have been better of without me..please, i dont want any furious comments saying i should be grateful me,i know who am i...much more better than others. But i always open my hands,my ears to accept any good advices..Just,this is what i feel now..uhh~..please hajar,.dont blame yourself if you cant be the best as you want. Allah always want we do our best,not be the best. Try to think positive. No one in this world have never done a mistake.

I knw, maybe I expect a lot of myself before, maybe i think about something too much. But it's so disappointing trying to be a better person as you grow up,but keep making,repeating mistakes. And probably sometimes i wish i could care less. I don't believe in running away from my faith. I have to face it in whatever circumstances. But there's time you should be going head-on,and times you shall just give it a rest. In the past, I've done what was best I could. Then i know it wasn't enough.(something happened,really hurted myself because i really dont want.....!)~.arggh...just let it go,hajar..but i still could remember, some of my resolutions on 2009 already done with beautiful moments..~~

Then,my mom said or exactly gve me some advices, "
adik,ni tahun baru 1431hijrah baru je melepasi kite.tahun baru 2010 pun dah tiba...biarlah yang lepas2...sama ada baik or buruk..buang jauh2 yang still jadikan pengajaran dlm kehidupan yg akan datang..buka buku baru..ambil iktibar di atas tiap apa yang berlaku dalam hidup ni..terkadang kita sebagai manusia yang dah berusaha sbaiknya akan tersilap langkah juga..smakin kita berusaha kearah kebaikan,kita tak tahu betapa kuatnya syaitan menggoda iman kita..jadilah hamba yang terbaik dimuka bumi Allah ni..hamba yang soleh,anak yang solehah,insan yg berjaya utk duniawi dan ukhrawi...dan smpena tahun baru yg dah tibe ni,ibu doakan kejayaan adik dunia akhirat..ibu maafkan tiap salahsilap adik..ibu tahu adik anak yang baik...impian ibu cuma satu,agar adik dapat menjadi anak yg solehah,yg dapat mendoakan ibu dan ayah,bila kami dah tak ada nanti...carilah dan gapai ilmu sebanyak yang boleh selagi mampu,selagi usia masih muda...tiap peristiwa yg berlaku dalam hidup,renungi kembali..insaflah andai pernah terbuat silap...setiap perkara yang baik,amalkan sehingga ke penghujung kehidupan..berhijrahlah ye,anakku.."..uhu~..quite sad plus happy when my mom said like that. Terharu kerana punye mom yang faham dan tahu tiap sudut isi hati anaknya. Kasih ibu membawa ke syurga. Nanti lepas ni saya nak dgr lagu Azimat Ibunda dr FarEast..pastu nanges..waaaa~..

After I'm over this gloom, I'll probably find faith's all i have really. Together with the persons in my life, who strengthen my faith every now and then.

Good bye 2009..

i dont want to looking back again! achieve your VERY best life in the future..So, i just have only one (main)for my new year resolution;
Be a Better MUSLIMAH till da end of my life..

Still, it's the time for me to deal with real world and I guess I've started to know what I should do for my life ahead. Till that, one thing I'm sure, for the remaining one year, I shall utilise whatever given to feel my life, fill it with whatever I want to do and to achieve, n whoever comes along the way, I shall appreciate him or her to the fullest.

Welcome 2010. I see you with hopes and with big smile on my face.



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